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With the BQAS – BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM, a health CHECK-UP can be performed at any time in which a total of 41 body functions are analyzed in one minute!

What does the complete package include?

– 2 measurement probes for left and right hand

– 1 USB flash drive (silver) serves as a safety key (always leave connected when working)

– 1 instruction manual

– Offer for online training

– Connection for BQAS device to PC, notebook, tablet

– Equipped with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.9, or Windows 10

BQAS – the do-it-yourself health check-up. From now on, thanks to BQAS, you do the check-up at home, anytime, and in just 60 seconds.


What the experts say about BQAS

Dr. med. Stefan Hammer – Heidenreichstein / Austria

Physician for general medicine, manual medicine, spa medicine, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, and nutritional counseling.

With the BQAS – BIO QUANTUM ANALYSIS SYSTEM, a health CHECK-UP can be performed at any time in which a total of 41 body functions are analyzed in one minute! Note: A BQAS measurement is not a substitute for a laboratory blood test because BQAS measurements only measure cell frequencies.

Remember: early diagnosis increases the chances of recovery!

Attention – further development: the new two-handed BQAS measurement (2 manual measuring rods) guarantees accurate and balanced measurement data!


– People who want to age in a healthy way
– People who leave nothing to chance and take health precautions
– People who want to be constantly informed about their body functions
– People who want to take preventive medical care
– People for whom “early diagnosis” that increases the chances of recovery is important

Importante per l’applicazione BQAS:

Please always use the same computer, notebook, or tablet when testing with the BQAS device-no matter which model, the important thing is to use the Windows operating system. Since the electrical energy in the human body is constantly changing (BQAS measurements are based on scalar waves), it is possible that with the same BQAS device but with different computers, notebooks, or tablets, you will get different results after the test.

Quantum theory changes to the same extent that human emotions change during the day. Since energy constantly evolves in the human body, the frequencies of cells may also differ.

What can BQAS do?

41 analyses in 60 seconds


BQAS analyzes 41 body functions in 60 seconds.

BQAS measurement results are displayed on the screen in seconds and can be saved and/or printed.

BQAS is equipped with a state-of-the-art electronic system developed for scalar medicine and can measure the susceptible magnetic field of our cells. The software of BQAS was produced, completed, and recalibrated in the United States.

The electromagnetic waves and frequencies emitted by BQAS penetrate the skin to stimulate the natural frequency. Scalar waves lock onto the body points by frequency signals to build resonance.

The reception of scalar wave radiation from the resonance receiver will be sufficient in both excess and deficiency. The sensor can balance the quantum values of nutrition and disease.

Based on cellular communication in the body, with BQAS, it is now possible to obtain specific knowledge of the system’s physical conditions, deficiencies, and surpluses.

BQAS stores analyzed data-determines current health status-shows ideal and current condition, and documents identified risk factors.

A simple measurement, done comfortably at home, by yourself, with the new BQAS (over 250 parameters), painlessly analyzes 41 (forty-one!) health-relevant body functions such as, e.g., cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal function, bone growth, homotoxins, blood lipids (blood fats), immune system, coenzymes, vitamins, trace elements, heavy metals, allergies, menstrual cycle, prostate, male sexual function, sperm – ADHD and more. This is amazing and unique!

The results of the BQAS analysis should only be discussed with a trusted physician, therapist, or practitioner, significantly if the indicated threshold values (red range) are exceeded so that targeted therapeutic measures can be initiated together. The distributor/reseller of the BQAS device assumes no responsibility in case of non-compliance.


The 41 measurable body functions are:

1. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function.

2. gastrointestinal function

3. liver function

4. function of the large intestine

5. gallbladder function

6. pancreas function

7. kidney function

8. lung function

9. cranial nerve function

10. bone disease

11. bone mineral density

12. rheumatic bone disease

13. bone growth index

14. blood sugar

15. trace elements

16. vitamin

17. amino acids

18. coenzymes

19. glandular system

20. immune system

21. home toxins

22. heavy metals

23. basic physical quality

24. allergy

25. obesity

26. skin

27. eyes

28. collagen

29. channels and collaterals

30. heart and brain pulsations

31. blood lipids

32. gynecology (female)

33. breast (female)

34. menstrual cycle (female)

35. prostate (male)

36. male sexual function
37. sperm (male)

38. elements in the human body

39. full ratio

40. thyroid gland

41. ADHD (children under ten years old)


What do the 41 analysis data tell us?

They provide information (reports) on the health status of the scanned body functions.

– Everything is in the green area: no alarming values are displayed.

– Blue area shows a slight tendency to yellow: healthier living is recommended for the indicated areas.

– Yellow area: healthier and more conscious living is recommended.

– Red area: limit values are exceeded. Contact a doctor, therapist, or practitioner of your choice, and work out therapeutic suggestions together.

Note: Orthodox science and medicine do not recognize scalar wave measurements, such as those made by the BQAS device. For this reason, we must legally designate and declare the device as a LIFESTYLE DEVICE. Therefore, if you voluntarily purchase a BQAS device, you buy a LIFESTYLE DEVICE.

Homeopathy is undergoing the same treatment, mainly because millions of people around the world are claiming homeopathy.

We do not diagnose or perform therapies or treatments in the medical sense. Our readings cannot replace any psychological or physiological treatment. No promises of cure are given as well as promises of success. Please consult a physician, therapist, naturopath, or medical professional for any therapy!


Important Note: we did not offer BQAS devices through eBay – NADH Italia Srls, therefore, assumes no warranty for purchases through other channels!







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