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NADH from GNP Products – Innova Swiss

GNP NADH products are manufactured in Austria for the whole world market. For many years we have also been supplying our NADH products to customers in China and Taiwan through domestic distributors. We use raw materials tested and certified by a government-authorized laboratory in Austria, Switzerland, or Germany. The products for sale in Italy through NADH ITALIA Srls are registered and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

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Safety is our top priority!

Our “NADH BUSINESS” (20 mg pure NADH per tablet) was developed from the original formula of NX10. It is bioavailable, vegetarian, suitable for diabetics, sublingual, and certified by Ages/Austria. It is also available in pharmacies, and as for the price/performance ratio, it has been the absolute number 1 on the market for over a decade. And it tastes delicious! We now offer 13 NADH products, 11 of which are functionally combined with other natural active ingredients. We continue to develop, for the benefit of our customers, together with our physicians and biologists as consultants.



The company, founded in 2005 in Oregon/USA, started with the development of functionally combined NADH products. Functionally combined means that the primary raw material NADH coenzyme one is combined with other natural active ingredients to be used functionally against various health problems.

To serve the European and Asian markets, an independent subsidiary with the same name was established in Gleisdorf/Austria in the same year.
All GNP-NADH products are manufactured in Austria and have been tested and certified as marketable by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) according to the guidelines of the EUROPEAN HEALTH REGULATION.

The focus in developing NADH products is on sublingual tablets (tablets). Based on years of positive experience in the United States with high-dose NADH sublingual tablets, this development has continued in Europe. GNP was the first European company to produce highly dosed 20 mg NADH tablets, lozenges, and micro tablets.

This decision was the right one. The main feature of sublingual NADH tablets is the rapid effect because the active ingredients are absorbed by the oral mucosa when sucking the tablets and are transported unimpeded to the brain and consequently enter the body.

On the other hand, NADH tablets are necessary because there is not enough room in a tablet for many active ingredients. These tablets are film-coated to resist gastric acid so that the NADH raw material does not and can therefore be absorbed in the intestines. The effect of the tablets lasts throughout the day.

With 13 NADH products (i.e., nine tablets – 1 micro tablet and three tablets), GNP has become the world leader in this market. GNP-NADH products have also been successfully sold in China and Taiwan for years.

The price/performance ratio of GNP NADH products is the best in the world market. Despite many imitation attempts, no competitor has achieved a high quality at an affordable price. The loyalty of our long-time customers confirms this.

GNP-USA henceforth grants NADH S.r.l.s. Italia has the exclusive right to sell the entire range of GNP-NADH products for the Italian market. We are starting with six products. Packaging (folding boxes) of all GNP-NADH products will be offered in Italy in the national language.